A super story

From little things, big things grow… nope, we’re not talking about Industry Super. The story of Time Out is about ‘super’ of a different kind.

London in the ’60s was our kind of town. Carnaby Street and the King’s Road. Michael Caine and Twiggy. The Beatles and the Stones. Love-ins and Happenings. Then, as now, the city needed something to explain WTF was going on – where, when, and whether it was worth the effort going.

Enter an intrepid 21-year-old writer, armed with a £70 gift from an ageing aunt, a typewriter and a gargantuan appetite to consume the best of what London in 1968 had to offer. Tony Elliott’s first issue of Time Out was one piece of paper folded several times, handed out to passers-by on the street.

Just on 45 years later, Time Out tells readers what’s happening in the most exciting cities on the planet. From London to New York, Delhi to Dubai, Moscow to Mumbai, it remains the most cutting-edge and comprehensive guide to arts and entertainment. Iconic. Independent. The bible (just with more readers).

Closer to home

Time Out’s Australian story echoes those humble origins. From a two-bedroom apartment near a certain “lip spa” in Camperdown, the Australian co-founders, Mike Rodrigues and Justin Etheridge, battled all manner of things sent to trip them up. They faced and embraced the the sub-prime mortgage collapse, Telstra’s seeming inability to reactivate an existing internet connection for three weeks, and a worsening whisky habit to deliver Time Out Sydney’s first issue in October 2007. Eight years on, Time Out Sydney continue to inspire Sydneysiders to make the most of what’s happening in the city.

In November 2011, Time Out Melbourne became the second fully fledged Australian Time Out title, complete with weekly email newsletter, website, iPhone app, monthly magazine and experiences. With Rose Johnstone at the helm Time Out Melbourne is growing fast, embraced by savvy Melburnians looking for recommendations from the locals in the know. Next stop Brisbane! Time Out will have an office in this territory by the end of the year.