Our ad formats are in accordance with IAB display guidelines. For up to date audited traffic results go here.

Standard display advertising




Type Dimensions (width x height, px) Size Format Third Party Tags
MREC 300×250 <40KB SWF with back-up GIF or JPG <100KB
Leaderboard 728×90 <40KB SWF with back-up GIF or JPG <100KB
Half Page 300×600 <40KB SWF with back-up GIF or JPG <100KB


• Our ad server is DFP – Google’s Doubleclick for Publishers – the client is responsible for ensuring that Flash files work with DFP. Validate your Flash file.
• DFP does not support Flash V11 or higher.
• Flash creative does not track clicks. Find out more about passing a clickTAG.
• A backup GIF or JPG must be provided with all flash files.

• Banners can be Flash, JPG, GIF or supplied via third party or DoubleClick tags
• All banners and URLs must be received 5 working days in advance of display.
IAB display guidelines

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